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The Wood Furniture Factory has its roots in unfinished furniture. Unfortunately the unfinished furniture industry has gone through many changes due to the low cost of imported furniture, and no longer was the unfinished item available at a lower cost than the finished piece. The costs of producing an item in the United States, especially in California, is much substantially higher than an item produced overseas.

We can build your furniture for you, and leave it unfinished. But the finishing process should be one of enjoyment for you and not one viewed as a money saving step. The reality is you can buy already finished furniture at a fraction of the cost of unfinished. It may not last a lifetime as will the furniture we build, but we realize the price point is usually so low that it becomes disposable furniture that can be replaced after a couple years of use.


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Because we build the furniture, any item you see in our website is available unfinished. If you don't see the exact item or style you are looking for, please feel free to email us with your request.


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